Bill Rampley Declares “It’s Open Game On All Ni@@ers”

It’s open game on all niggers…..and bitch ass white people who fuck with niggers I’m tired of this, a nigger robbed me and on today I got him on greenmount…left him 4 dead in an alley..ace niggers any school niggers it open drive by, kidnapping one of u niggers …if I c a white girl with a nigger i’m banging her first…..lets take our neighborhood back….HAMPDEN”  —  Bill Rampley

Bill Rampley, Onyx Truth

I know I stated on my last podcast that white folks need to stop being scared to speak their minds when it comes to race related issues for fear of offending Black folks, but this was NOT what I was referring to.

You know what I find absolutely amazing about this status update created by Bill Rampley, is the fact that he isn’t locked up in jail yet or at the very minimum having been taken into police custody for questioning.  Why do I find this amazing?  Glad you asked.  It’s amazing because a woman out in Atlanta, Ga named Latausha Nedd was arrested late September 2015 for making YouTube videos advocating for the “killing of crackers”.  Latausha Nedd didn’t create a video specifically targeting any one person.  She just created a video out of frustration about state sanctioned police brutality against Black society & she decided to put a blanket statement out there towards all white people.  As a result Latausha Nedd was charged with making terroristic threats & transmitting those threats through social media.

Apparently it’s OK to make threats against Black people without having to worry about the law knocking down your door, as in the case of former Texan prison guard Nathan Ener who also in September 2015 created a YouTube video threatening to harm Black folks if they decided to march through his town protesting against police brutality.

I tell ya man, when you are white in America, life can be absolutely amazing for you.

But back to Bill Rampley

So a white guy can get on Facebook, declare open season on Black people, describe tales of how he left a Black man for dead in an alley, how he proposes to kidnap & do drive-by’s on Black people, attack Black men that are in a relationship with white women….and not one cop has shown up to his door to investigate?  If you visit the Baltimore Police Department’s Facebook page, a few people have reported Bill Rampley to them…yet silence.  Once again, white people win, Black people lose.  But this is how the game goes when people are subjugated to living up under a system of white supremacy.

But in an effort to remain as fair & balanced as I possibly can be, Bill Rampley gives his account of what he claims to have really happened.  He hits you with the ole “my ex-girlfriend set me up” rebuttal….but you decide for yourself if his reason is legit or not.

Bill Rampley, Onyx Truth 1

Your favorite mulatto.
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