Dear Paul Zuckerman…It’s A Lot Of Dumb White Folks Out There Too, Like You

“I’m telling you guys there is too much black people in Hawaii.”

Kristina, you’re the only loser here you dumb moke just as bad as all the worthless niggers here.  My people came to these islands and took it away from uneducated people like you end of story.  Now who’s a loser??”  — Paul Zuckerman

Paul Zuckerman, Onyx Truth

Dear Paul Zuckerman

Maybe, just maybe…maybe it’s too many white people in Hawaii.

What is it with white folks, particularly white Americans who honestly believe that they are the center of the universe & the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Too many white people venture off into the world & a lot of these muggs really expect to see their lily white reflection staring back at them everywhere they go.  It doesn’t matter where on the globe they end up, white folks honestly expect to see a majority white population literally everywhere.  This sick & twisted mental disease too many of them possess even creeps its way onto the silver screen & history books with the explicit intention of white washing history.  Click here for more info.

Paul Zuckerman from Honolulu, HI by way of Minneapolis, MN here’s the dealy yo…

“Your people” may have taken over the island of Hawaii & converted it into America’s 50th state correct.  But apparently “your people” failed to teach you to learn to keep your racism private & offline to prevent the whole world from seeing.  You see, I don’t know if you’ve been paying much attention to the news & social media way out in Hawaii, but white folks back here on the mainland are literally losing their jobs & their livelihood for breaking the modern day coveted white supremacy code:  thou shalt not spew racist rhetoric in public for the whole world to see.  Real talk, that’s the unwritten rule out on these streets these days for racist white people.

I’m sure you don’t give a fuck, so in that case, you won’t mind me leaving this blog post up for everybody to see.

Anyways, hang ten dude….just don’t hang ten people.

Your favorite mulatto.
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