Women’s Biggest Mistake

Women’s Biggest Mistake

Women’s biggest mistake is thinking they can use their vagina as some sort of weapon in order to control a man…WRONG!

Men are primarily motivated by one thing & one thing in life…vagina.  Of course this is assuming a man is first & foremost straight.  All this talk about accumulating money, power, respect, & fame are all mechanisms designed to attract vagina.  Men strive to become successful at many different levels in life in order to buy nice homes, drive nice cars, get nice clothes, & stack up as much money as humanly possible in order to achieve one thing….the acquisition of more vagina.  No matter what route a man takes in life and how he chooses to become successful or put up a front about being successful, all roads he shall travel eventually lead him to the ultimate destination of attaining more vagina.  There is a saying that states “the golden rule is, he who has the gold makes the rules.”  While that rule is very much true, but still, at the end of the day the one goal that is stronger than achieving wealth beyond measure combined with unlimited power is the acquisition of vagina.  It doesn’t matter if a man is actually capable of conquering every piece of vagina he can possibly get his penis on, just the realistic thoughts a man can have in his mind about being able to have any piece of vagina he wants simply by measuring his accomplishments in life thus far is enough to make a man feel as though nobody can fuxx with him.  It’s really that simple.  Everything a man seeks to do in life is driven by the deep rooted primal instinct of acquiring more vagina.

They say money makes the world go round.  I say vagina makes the world go round considering all the shit a man will do in order to get to the vagina.

What Women Need To Understand

Women already have an understanding of how treasured & sought after their vagina is.  From the moment a little girl starts developing bee stings on her chest (boobs), the pursuit for her starts and will literally carry on till the day she dies.  There probably aren’t too many women in the world that can go one day without a man hitting on them.  Women should know and understand this and appreciate the most important treasure they possess.  But some women will treat this treasure as a weapon in an effort to control a man.  And this is where the problems begin for women…not necessarily the man.

Let me get straight to the point.  Vagina is not a weapon a woman can use to control a man simply due to the fact that there is literally too much vagina in the world being given up freely with little to no effort on the man’s part to attain it.  A woman cannot hold the vagina down hostage & honestly expect it to serve as some sort of act right for her man.  That shit isn’t going to happen regardless of how dedicated a man is to his woman.  There are limits & every man will eventually reach them.  Every man will eventually open his eyes to bear witness to a world he willingly abandoned in pursuit of only you to discover that vagina is literally surrounding him as if he just disturbed a bee hive.  Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how a man looks or where his confidence levels are; there is a multitude of vaginas out there that match each & every man’s character/personality traits in the world.  It doesn’t even matter how much money or success a man as reached in life, there is a plethora of vaginas out there for him.

Why Can’t A Woman Use Vagina To Control A Man?

Woman can’t use vagina to control a man because it’s too many women out there offering up the vagina.  Think about it.  If your vagina was McDonalds & all I ever wanted & thought about was McDonalds & you KNEW that all I thought about was McDonalds, the moment you decide to lock me out of my favorite burger joint is the moment other burger joints start calling my name for business.  Being that my mind is constantly thinking about burgers, my mental antennas start popping back up in search for the scent of another burger joint.  Low & behold, wherever you find a McDonalds there usually is a Burger King not too far away…shit right across the street in most instances.  So here I am, addicted to your Big Macs & salty ass fries.  You decide to lock my ass out in order to teach me a lesson for whatever reason.  Well, if I’m a dedicated McDonanlds customer I’ll keep checking in day by day to see if the store is open for business again, but after a while if I get the sense that I’ve been banned for whatever reason…well, those Whoppers at Burger King start to smell awfully delicious.  If Burger King is acting funny, then Wendy’s is around the corner.  If not Wendy’s, then there is Rally’s, Sonic, or wherever a damn burger is sold at.  See people know people like me love burgers, so the supply of burgers is not going dwindling.  Same thing with vagina.  Women know men can’t go five minutes without thinking about vagina, so guess what…there is always a woman willing to share her vagina with a man on the hunt.  The hunt doesn’t even have to be a true hunt.  Often times the women set the traps up themselves in order to capture the man so he can lay claim to her vagina.

I Know I Know I Know…You Think Women Can Do The Same Thing…WRONG!

Sure a woman can capture all the penis she wants in life with less effort than a man has to go through in order to capture vagina.  But here’s the problem, men are not instinctually built to capture & keep…women are.  Women are instinctually designed to nurture, care, & seek the strongest suitable mate to take care of them.  It’s the same reason a woman cannot continually have sex with a man and NOT develop feelings for a man as opposed to a man not catching feelings for the woman.  Women’s bodies are naturally designed to recieve.  Not only are women designed to recieve penis, but by default as well, women are designed to recieve & process emotions simply because a woman’s body is the ultimate vessel for the continuation of life.  You cannot create and/or nurture the process of life without emotions.  Emotions are the invisible connections that enable bonding & women are the natural creatures for producing & teaching a new life how to feel an emotion.  Men are instinctually built to capture, conqueor, possibly release, and go back into the wilderness to hunt again.  This process is naturally designed this way in order for a man to continually ensure his genes are passed on….that’s it.  A man who chooses to hunt, capture, & keep is truthfully fighting the will of nature, which is what separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom…the power of choice.  Sure a man can bond with his woman as she bonds with him, but at the end of the day, a man’s main mission in life is to conquer as much shit as he can in an effort to attract as much vagina as he can in order to ensure he has the best possible selection of vagina so that he can ensure his bloodline will move forward after he dies.  That’s it.  It really gets no simpler than that.

If it wasn’t for the plethora of vagina just being freely given away, most women could possibly 100% control their man.  Sure a man can be domesticated but we never truly forget what the ultimate objective in life is….the acquisition of more vagina.  So, in the end ladies, I don’t care how strong or weak of a man you currently have.  The moment you decide to use your vagina as a weapon to control him, you’re setting yourself up for failure because it’s too many women out in the world who would joyously give their vagina away in order to possibly have a meaningful relationship to the level you currently have.  You know the saying ladies…what you won’t do for your man another woman will.  Trust me, a man didn’t make that saying up….a woman did who probably saw another woman holding her vagina hostage from a man.

Your favorite mulatto.
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