The Hood’s Love Affair With Lil’ Boosie

The Hood’s Love Affair With Lil’ Boosie

If there was ever a mystery in hip hop that needed to be solved, this would be the one:  why is the hood so in love with Lil’ Boosie?

I’m not going to pretend as if I like this guy’s music because I don’t.  Lil’ Boosie is one of the worst rappers I think I have ever heard.  He ranks right up there with Soulja Boy.  And to be quite honest, I’m willing to bet a lot of his fans don’t even think he can rap.  Combine his rather high pitch squeaky voice with his Dr. Seuss type of rhymes, it’s just further proof that anybody with enough determination can get a record deal.  Now that he’s freed from jail, I can only imagine the benefits he’s about to bring back to hip hop.

Why Does Everyone Love Boosie?

Here’s the thing, before Lil’ Boosie got locked up, I don’t believe his fan base was as large as it is now.  Don’t get me wrong he had a strong following, but after his incarceration everybody started screaming FREE BOOSIE; I think the FREE BOOSIE campaign helped propel him into hood super stardom with a cult-like following.  As far as I can tell, the only die hard Boosie fans out there are the most hood people you can find and the most wannabe hood white folks you can find whom are bumping the hell out of Boosie tucked away safely in the burbs somewhere.  Everybody else for the most part is either clueless as to who he is or simply just don’t give a fuxx about him.  But the hood LOVES HIM!

I believe the hood loves Lil’ Boosie so much because he represents the epitome of what a hood nigga could be.  A nigga who probably wasn’t really about much of anything yet secured a record deal.  I know some of you out there are probably saying, “well, he must have been about his grind…he got a record deal!”  Yeah…about that…isn’t Soulja Boy signed too???  What about Gucci Mane???  Talent isn’t necessarily a skill one must have to enter the rap game.  Money & connections is pretty much all you need to get put on.  So let’s not act like Boosie is a one of a kind.  Lil’ Boosie possibly had a little bit more drive than your average hood rapper to get put on, but that’s about it.

Now I will admit, I really do like 1 of Lil’ Boosie’s songs.  But this 1 song fall up under my category of I HATE THESE RAPPERS OF TODAY, BUT I LIKE THE BEAT THO…

Now that they’ve freed Boosie…what’s this clown ass fool going to do about this tattoo?

Your favorite mulatto.
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