Finesse Approved: Sex Positions Of The Week

Finesse Approved:  Sex Position Of The Week

Warning:  The Following Article is Intended for Readers 18 and Up 😉


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Sex by any other name is still just…sex.  Some of us like it rough, some of us like it “Nice and Slow”…Some of us do it for fun, some of us do it to make babies.  It’s all good!  Sex lowers the risk of cardiovascular illness, it strengthens “down there” muscles and with the the hormones that are released during orgasm, it’s nature’s very own pain pill! (Source: WebMd)

With the recent popularizing of the “Surfboard” position (thanks Beyonce), people are beginning to take more of an interest in different ways to “Get It In”.  Me being a woman of the people, I figured “Why not?…. Fuggit!” (pun intended)

Carefully researched, I’ve pulled some of the best and most sexy positions from the Interwebs, giving you different ways to “Get The Job Done”…and don’t worry, I’ve labeled them based on experience levels because believe it or not…there’s levels to this.  This week’s positions all can be done on a bed.  As you gain more confidence, feel free to experiment in different places, at different times, adding props as you feel fit! 

So without further ado, here’s MY Sex Positions of the Week!

 Experience Level:  Novice Position…”The Soft Rock”


AT first glance, this appears to be the Missionary Position…but with a little twist.  If going missionary doesn’t quite get you there, this position allows for greater clitoral stimulation.  Unfortunately it doesn’t allow for deep penetration, BUT it is great for girls who need a little more encouragement on the outside to orgasm.


Just like in the missionary position, the penetrating partner is on top, but instead of them being “chest to chest” with you, they will (after penetration) scoot their body up until you two are no longer exactly chest to chest.  The penetrating partner should be just above you.  While they are doing this, you should be pushing your pelvis up about two inches while he is pushing down providing counter-resistance and friction for your clitoris.

 Experience Level: Intermediate Position…”The Arch”


Time to feel the burn…hopefully not in your genital region.  This position is called The Arch, and is a little more advanced due to the usage of more muscles to hold the position.


I’d advise starting out in a missionary-type position.  Have the penetrating partner get on their knees and place their arms next to your hips or waist and LEAN in, while you LIFT your pelvis up  for penetration.  The penetrating partner can also have their back straight up while penetrating as opposed to laying forward as is pictured here.  The perks of this position include some muscle work and deeper penetration than missionary.  It’s also a good building block for the next position.

 Experience Level: Advanced Position…”The Bridge”


Look familiar?  I thought so too!  This position is called The Bridge and is a modified version of the previous position.  This position gets my “Advanced” label because it requires some legitimate upper body strength if you wish to hold it for any adequate amount of time.


The same as before, the penetrating partner is between the receiving partner’s legs, on their knees.  The receiving partner lifts their body up for penetration, using nothing but their arms and legs for support.  As I said before, this requires being able to hold your body weight, so use caution when trying this position!  The perks of this position include more of a work out for the receiving partner as well as an increased level of penetration.

SO which will it be?  Don’t be afraid to try different modifications of the positions pictured here.  Sex is a very personal experience and should be made pleasurable for everyone involved.

Make sure you Keep It Sexy, Keep It Fun and most of all, Keep It SAFE! #WrapItUp!

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